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주민규 <3

BLOG CREW CLAIMS (Brian Only): .. yeah i have a lot. HAVE FUN SCROLLING DOWN HAHA :X


[Brian Joo] and I love to watch the clouds together for hours on end to see if we can spot a heart-shaped one.

.°Brian Joo°.
you shine the brightest

Brian Joo rocks my world...

'Brian Joo' was born to be loved by me

Brian Joo
anywhere you go, I will be there

{APRIL FOOL'S!} No! I'm not lying! Brian Joo is my smexy lover. For real.

Brian Joo is my lovebird
he sings me sweet songs every day & night

If I'm the
Brian Joo must be my prince.

Brian Joois like fire

§ Brian Joo is inside and out. •.

[ Brian Joo ] && [ I ] /ROLL LIKE/ "THAT"

Brian Joo my legal drug

Blame it on [ Brian Joo ] if I end up in HELL
for having dirty thoughts and doing nasty things.

On a RAiNY NiGHT ;
I RUNAWAY from my CRAZY LIFE to free my WILD SOUL !!
But, Brian Joo came to me and say ,
" Will you be MY GIRLFRIEND ? "

ATTENTION! »»» Brian Joo belongs to me!

Brian Joo  and I played ° 7 minutes in heaven </font>°
We had so much fun!

I am Mrs. Brian Joo

Brian Joo is my personal maid!

Like mothFLAME
[Brian Joo] draws me in and BURNS me up!


The one name carved in my heart Brian Joo
...it will always belong to him...

[♥Brian Joo♥] you're the detective so come solve my mystery

I do it in the dark withBrian Joo

Brian Joo❤, let's create the perfect crime.
I steal your heart, and you steal mine

And I am telling you I'm not going
Brian Joo】 is the best man I'll ever know
There's no way I can ever go
No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without him

I gave Brian Jooa red rose walking home one day.
A few days later, Brian Joo stopped me, gave me a white rose, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "I love you too."

【Brian Joo】 took me for a ride in his car

☆★I got pregnant with ☞Brian Joo☜'s baby as a result of our late night fun in a dark, deserted alleyway.★☆

It doesn't matter if I had a hard day, because I know I can come home and cuddle up to Brian Joo

[Brian Joo] love me and i'll die as a happy girl

I write phrases like "I love Brian Joo"
and "Angela and Brian Joo forever"
all over my notebook when I'm bored in class.

Brian Joo is better than chocolate

Brian Joo
puts the rainbow in my life

» Brian Joo « used a cheesy pick-up line
... but I fell for it anyway.

Brian Joo is my cuppycake

Brian Joo wrote a song for me and named it ‘Angela

i keep BRIAN JOO under my bed for EASY ACCESS

Brian Joo is like heaven

» Brian Joo is the cheese to my macaroni

Brian Joo causes the butterflies in my stomach...

I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ Brian Joo ].

Brian Joois my SKY

☆» § I may be clumsy ; I may be dorky , but || Brian Joo Photobucket|| can’t help FLL!nG in LVE with ME!! § «☆

The reason of my happiness Brian Joo

Brian Joo and ME = the ultimate OTP ever

Brian Joo makes me wanna LALA ~

Brian Joo makes my inner fangirl giggle and flail to { no end }.

I'm the Queen of Brian Joo land

I can't wait for『Brian Joo』to shut me up

[Brian Joo]
can BITE my lips anytime
he wants.